How to Teach 4 Year Old To Read

How To Teach A 4 Year Old To Read

Finding out to check out is one of the most crucial skills our children will ever discover, yet as moms and dads, the majority of us have no concept how to begin!

Keep reading and I will stroll you through the 3 simple steps and show you how to teach your 4 years of age to read!

By the age of 4, my kid was checking out with complete confidence. Now at 5 years-old, he can select up almost any book, read it and enjoy it.

And that’s what it’s all about for me; opening up the world of books to them whenever they’re ready.

Whether you home inform, or your kids go to school, these basic actions will assist you to teach your 4 years of age to check out. insha’Allah.


Not all children are developmentally ready to read at 4 years-old.

PLEASE PLEASE do not require a kid who is not all set!!! It will do more harm than excellent!

Nevertheless, if you’re child is ready and eager to find out to check out, this short article will reveal you how I did it, so you can ‘Teach YOUR Four year old to Read In 3 Easy Actions.’

1. Establish their Love of Books and Stories

If a kid love books, the he will like to read. If he enjoys to check out, he will enjoy to learn. Insha’Allah.

This is by far the most crucial factor in teaching your kid to read and if you take nothing else far from this short article please take this …

A child who is self-motivated will learn to check out, and discover any other skill that they wish to discover, much quicker and more quickly than a child who is not self-motivated.

Love books, like reading, love learning

If you need to require your child to read, it will be much harder for both of you, take longer, and might even cause your child to dislike reading altogether.

So how can you motivate this self motivation?

There are several manner ins which you can support an enthusiasm for reading in your kids.

— Read to your 4 years of age

Reserve time daily to routinely read aloud to your kids. Make that time special for them. Snuggle up under a blanket by the fire, drink hot chocolate or simply let her sit on your lap. She must eagerly anticipate that time with you. Make it wonderful. Give her your undivided attention, loaded with your love and affection, and read her incredible stories that will feed her creativity.

— Surround them with books

Fill your home with as numerous books as you can afford. There should be a little collection of books in every space for your kids easily to take a look at.

If you have space, you might even make a little ‘reading nook’ for your house, a specifically designated area, utilized only for reading and enjoying books.

How to teach your 4 year-old to read! Books, resources, online video games, pointers and suggestions.

You decide to execute this concept, it will teach your child to provide value to books, and thus provide significance to discovering and seeking knowledge.


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— Take a routine school outing.

Journeys to libraries and other places of understanding can reveal your kids that your family’s passion for reading is not in isolation, but there are lots of like minded people who share your interest. When they see other kids excited by books, they will take part!

How to teach your 4 year-old to read! Books, resources, online video games, tips and recommendations.

STEP 2: Switch Off the TELEVISION.

If your television is on all day, the books will probably be left on the shelves. Not just is TELEVISION highly addictive for little kids, ending up being a bad habit that is tough to break, however it will likewise teach them that the TV is essential; and more worryingly, that what the TV says is important!

There are lots of advantages to turning off the TV, but the most pertinent to this short article is that it WILL cause your kids to read more. I have seen it in my own home. With no other diversions, kids will pick up the books you have actually put in each room and read for enjoyable.

How to teach your 4 year-old to read! Books, resources, online games, tips and suggestions.

My children do have limited day-to-day screen-time, however I work hard to make sure that the TELEVISION and other devices are off for the majority of the day.

Even if you can’t eliminate the tv completely, attempt to at least limit how much TV they view. Limitation the hours that the television is placed on, and keep it off the rest of the time.

ACTION 3: Purchase the ideal books!

If you feel your kid is ready to begin discovering to check out (often described as Reading Readiness) you will need to invest/borrow some books to help you to begin.

The first thing you will need is a ‘Guide.’.

We have actually utilized the Guide: The Ordinary Moms and dad’s Guide to Teaching Reading by Wise and Buffington.

Another extremely recommended option is.

Teach Your Kid to Check Out in 100 Easy Lessons.

A primer teaches the guidelines of reading, starting with the phonetic noises of each letter. It then progressing to mixing, through to tough multi-syllabic words.

By the time your child ends up one of these primers, you can be completely confident that they can take on any other book out there.

Although the books above are printed in the U.S. they appropriate for kids in the U.K

. As soon as your child has discovered the noises of the letters, they can likewise begin reading short books called ‘Easy Readers’, whilst continuing the later lessons in the guide.

For the early phases I would recommend the simple readers: Bob Books!

Read With Biff, Chip And Kipper.

Having actually progressed through among these box sets you can move onto more difficult readers. There are lots of sets and curriculum offered that you can follow if you want.

My recommendations would be to select books according to your child’s interests rather than following a rigid curriculum.


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Whether its fairies, vehicles, horses or beasts, there are a wide variety of easy readers available to purchase online and obtain from the library.

Elementary Student Reading in Library.

Do not stress that you are not finishing every book in the series, or reading them in the right order, due to the fact that if you are working through a primer, then your child will not miss any of the ‘guidelines’ they need to know.

What is more important at this stage is that they continue to enjoy reading and books, and the act of reading does not end up being a chore to them.

After the ‘Easy Reader’ stage they can check out anything they wish to, with some guidance from Mum!

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More Book Suggestions.

For more detailed reading lists, ordered by age, ability and topic, I would suggest Honey for a Kid’s Heart.

by Gladys Hunt.

If at any point your child appears to loose interest, just take a break for a few weeks.

Pinterest has lots of enjoyable activities for you to do with your kid to enhance her reading abilities without opening a book. She will be learning to check out without understanding it!

On those days when the kids are sick, or they simply don’t want to comply, we love using Reading Eggs, an online reading program full of video games and tunes.

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At this young age it is essential that you remain flexible and take a relaxed method to mentor reading. Make it satisfying and have a good time!

So that How to Teach your Four-year-old to CHECK OUT in 3 Easy Steps!

Of all three actions it is step one, instilling a love for books, that is the most essential.

Without it you will face a consistent struggle with your kid, in an effort make them comply and do something they have no desire to do. If they enjoy books, they will wish to read.

Please leave me a comment below and inform me how you are teaching your children to read. What resources have you utilized? What are a few of your kids’s preferred books?

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