Mixing Formula With Breast Milk Guide

Mixing Formula With Breast Milk Tips

I became so stressed as a new mother about whether it became okay to combine formulation and breastmilk. In this put up, I will answer the query of whether you could blend formula and breastmilk in the identical bottle.

Plus, I will speak the motives why you must or need to no longer do it.


When my twins have been born and inside the NICU, I was an solely pumping mama. It was made very clean to me, through the nurses, that I should feed bottles of breastmilk first, then supplement with system as needed.

This was fine, but it did make the feeding manner more complex.

Since I had twins, I became now not pumping enough milk for my toddlers to completely acquire breastmilk. So, they received method as a supplement.

This intended mid-feed when the breastmilk bottle changed into empty, a bottle of system might be made up.

We used the identical bottle for breastmilk and formula due to the fact having 4 bottles to easy after each feed become just too much to cope with.

This was the bottle feeding device we implemented due to the fact I thought it turned into a large no-no to combine formula and breastmilk.

I was worried the components could spoil the breastmilk, if combined together, or vice versa.


After a few weeks of going through this bottle feeding recurring, it were given antique.

I did a bit studies and I came to find that YES…you may accurately mix system and breastmilk in the same bottle.

Can you blend system and breastmilk inside the equal bottle?


But, why do nurses tell you differently? Well, breastmilk is liquid gold, proper?

The idea in the back of not mixing breastmilk and system, is that in case your infant does not drink the whole bottle of breastmilk and formula mixed together, some of the breastmilk you worked so tough to provide will go to waste.

So, you’re meant to offer the bottle of breastmilk first, after which give the bottle of components second.

When a infant starts consuming from a bottle, you have got 1 hour earlier than the contents of the bottle will need to be discarded. This rule applies whether you’ve got a bottle containing components or a bottle containing breastmilk.

If you are concerned with wasting breastmilk or your toddler doesn’t continually drink her whole bottle, then you definitely might need to do not forget maintaining breastmilk and method separate.


On the opposite hand, as described, it can be absolutely inefficient to should separate breastmilk and components.

Are you a pumping mom who’s supplementing with method? Or, perhaps you’re pumping at work and using formulation too.

Then you would possibly need to don’t forget mixing method and breastmilk within the equal bottle.

My recommendation is to keep breastmilk and system in separate bottles during the first 2-3 weeks at home with your new child.

If you comprehend your baby is (usually) ingesting all of his bottle at each feed, then it’s in all likelihood safe to begin mixing breastmilk and formulation inside the identical bottle.

You can constantly transfer to setting apart breastmilk and method bottles, in case you experience like your breastmilk is going to waste.

So, to summarize, are you able to blend system and breastmilk? Yes, it’s far genuinely secure!

However, there are excellent reasons why you might want to feed breastmilk and formula from separate bottles.


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