Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier Review 2020

Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier Review

The Evenflo Snugli has been discontinued through Evenflo. But if you had been searching at a used one – or if you have been given one – or have even seen a brand new one someplace, I concept I might share my enjoy with it.

The closest equal now would be the Evenflo Active. Though even that is now looking like its going to be discontinued. So the next closest equal is the Evenflo Natural Fit (though that one doesn’t have a front facing-out choice).

There are a few good things to mention about the Evenflo Snugli. Like, it is easy to use – and specially easy to cast off child without having to take off the shoulder straps. And the fee is proper!

Plus it has an adjustable new child head assist and a couple of deliver positions for while baby is older.

But, typical you get what you pay for here, regrettably. The service is uncomfortable, has a very small range of child sizes that it could accommodate and whether its hip wholesome for child is questionable.

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Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier


Evenflo Natural Fit Soft Carrier, Khaki Orange

NOTE: The photograph above is for the Evenflo Natural Fit Carrier

The Evenflo Snugli is the first provider we ever used. And we used it for a great while with our first boy. But we failed to realize any other carrier at the time, so we just went with it (it became given to us) and failed to realize any higher.

But our carrying days were constrained due to this carrier – and had we known what we recognize now, this provider would were tossed apart, in all honesty. 

For people with a very tight budget, it does the job, but just do not expect with the intention to use it right away, and do not count on if you want to use it for too long, unless your infant is very slim. And don’t assume comfort.


For the charge, the Snugli is certainly pretty flexible, at least in terms of deliver positions. You can bring your infant:

Front Facing-In

Front Facing-Out


And its touted to be suitable for toddlers from 7lbs to 26lbs.

However, in truth a 7lb child (at least ours besides) is too small for this provider. When we had our boy in it at around that weight, he sat up to now down in it, we didn’t sense secure sporting him in it.

The maximum use we were given out of this turned into due to the capacity to stand-out. When we did ultimately get him in it, we best had him dealing with-in for a short time, then he wanted facing out – and he lots desired that.

But he outgrew it quite quick. He simply became too big to carry him in it quite quickly after. And we simply idea this become ordinary. We possibly carried him in it to shut to 20lbs, but only for very quick trips as it changed into too uncomfortable otherwise, and we surely had to squeeze to get him into it in any respect at that degree.


This provider is not very secure, lamentably.

After wearing for a brief whilst, it begins to become painful at the lower again and shoulders, particularly once they’re going through-out and over a certain weight. The again carry did not make it any less complicated to hold with.

That and the material of the carrier is not that soft. It’s quite difficult and unforgiving.

Easy and Convenient

The Snugli does have one redeeming characteristic although. It is virtually smooth to apply and to place on with the aid of yourself.

And getting your toddler out is simple and can be executed without eliminating the shoulder straps, which is a pleasant function, especially if you need to take your dozing toddler out with minimal disturbance.


Revisiting this provider the placement of infant in it is questionable as to whether its hip wholesome. Our boy without a doubt doesn’t have any hip problems after the usage of it, so in fact maybe now not that terrible. But possibly not the ideal “M” role and maybe if you used it for longer than we did, it is able to finally be an problem. 

Evenflo Snugli service evaluation

Who is that this product for?

The Evenflo Snugli is a good choice as a travel carrier or perhaps one which you lend to buddies who go to with their baby and overlook their carrier.

Or for all people on a really tight budget that just desires it for short journeys.

Best size for child in this service is 10lbs to 15lbs, IMO.


The Evenflo Snugli could be very lower priced service. Which is superb in case you’re on a decent budget. But you do get what you pay for in this situation, sadly.

The largest downsides of this provider being:

Lack of consolation

Can best simply use for quick periods

Fits a slender size range of babies

 Questionable ergonomics

But there are some positives too:

Easy to use even by means of your self


Adjustable new child head support

Multiple bring positions

If it’s all that your finances will come up with the money for you, then its higher to have this service than none in any respect, however if you could, I might take a look at different vendors. They will fee greater, but can even ultimate you a lot longer and be loads more secure and satisfying to apply, IMO.

The Snugli is now not produced, but in case you are given one or discover one on eBay or something like that, then I desire this has been useful.

The button beneath will take you to Evenflo’s natural suit Carrier – the nearest equivalent (even though would not face out and seems like its extra ergonomic – sooner or later I will do a particular overview on that particular service even though).

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