Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys 2020

Despite the fact that age 3 can come with attitude and temper tantrums (” threenagers” anyone?), it also features the pleasure of viewing your child find their location worldwide. They are going to have an interest in all that is around them, making it the best time to choose toys and presents that help them discover, play, and have a good time.

We’ve done the research study on this age, and we understand what toys and gifts will work best. Here are the outright best toy and present ideas for a 3-year-old young boy. You’ll discover over 2 dozen options to engage your kid in a variety of ways.

5 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys 2020

1. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike


If you reside in a cold environment, you might be believing, Why would I buy a bicycle for my toddler for Christmas? For us, however, a bike is a little too big of a gift for the Easter bunny and our three-year-old’s birthday falls in October. Christmas is the perfect time for Santa to leave a bike underneath the tree, especially due to the fact that your youngster can spend the next few months in anticipation of the tires striking the asphalt once spring roles around.

The expense of the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike is a little bit more than you may expect to spend for the average young child bike but the top quality parts are well worth it. You can buy it in five various sizes and have the option of training wheels and/or a kickstand, depending upon what your three-year-old requirements. The frame of this bike also grows with your childwith an adjustable seat and compatibility with all 5 sizes readily available, you can easily get rid of the training wheels and swap out the wheels for a bigger size as your youngster grows. It is likewise resilient enough that it will last enough time for you to switch out the partseven if your little guy is as rough as my three-year-old is. This bike likewise comes in six various color options, which is excellent for letting your child express their individual style.


– High-quality parts that assist create a long lasting item

– Extra accessories consist of a water bottle and holding cage, kickstand and/or training wheels, and a bell

– Six colors offered

– Comes with assembly tools and easy directions


– Needs to assemble kickstand, seat, and training wheels yourself

– Handbrakes might be too advanced for some young riders

What We Like About It

The brakes, drive chain, and frame are all developed to last. This, and the reality that it grows with your child, makes it well worth the money invested. It is also nice that this gift for 3 years of age comes in colors like red, blue, green, orange, pink, and white because it lets your little one express their favorite color.

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2. Banana Bike LT.


The banana bike is appropriately named for its stroking’ style, with a bike frame that is curved like a banana. Unlike bikes with conventional training wheels, balance bikes assist toddlers establish a sense of balance that makes transitioning to a bike without training wheels a lot easier. In fact, lots of young children who utilize a balance bike can easily make the shift to a bike without training wheels.

One drawback is the quality of the handlebars. The adjustable seat makes this 3 year old toy versatile for the average young child, nevertheless, it may not be short sufficient to accommodate much shorter kids.


– Teaches children to balance.

– Permits easy transition from balance bike to a bicycle without training wheels.

– Adjustable seat lets you discover the ideal height for your toddler.

– Light enough that a 2-year old can lift it.


– Handlebars are not resilient.

– May not be short enough for the typical two-year old or little three-year old, even at least expensive setting.

What We Like About It.

The idea of a balance bike is innovative. It is a great method to help your youngster find out the balance they require to shift to a bike without training wheels. The adjustable seat is also a great touchsince it can grow with your kid up until they have the experience to make that shift.

3. Liberty Imports Cartoon R/C Race Vehicle Toy.


We have a 3-year old and a 5-year old in the house. This remote-control automobile for young children is an excellent option, especially given that our younger boy is so thinking about the 5-year old’s toys. Its brilliant colors truly engage the eyes, while the music and beeping engages the ears. The controller has two different buttonsone for moving forward and the other for turning and moving backward. The simplicity of 2 buttons make this 3-year-old toy simple for a little young boy to use.

The car and driver are made from a tough plastic material and when you press down on the seat, the car beeps and makes music. This toy also is great on batteriesso you don’t have to fret about breaking the bank when your little one falls in love with it.


– Lights up and plays music.

– 2-button controller is easy for children to utilize.

– Really long lasting.

– Includes a chauffeur for the vehicle.


– Not as much maneuverability as some other remote-control cars.

What We Like About It.

If you youngster has an older brother or sister, this remote-control automobile can keep them busy for hours. If not, they will still delight in chasing the car while it plays music and illuminate. Its conservative battery use suggests that your child will have hours of enjoyable.

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4. ETI Toys Original 101 Piece Structure Blocks Set.


This is another toy that would make the perfect Christmas present for a three-year old boy due to the fact that it grows with your child. As your kid first learns to use the toy, it will help them develop great motor abilities and hand-eye coordination. The vibrant blocks offer visual stimulation and it encourages imagination and creativity.

The blocks of the ETI Toys Original 101 Piece Educational Building Engineering Building Blocks Set can likewise be utilized to make cars with moving parts. The pieces are made of a tough plastic that can quickly be cleaned up with disinfectant sprayor even just by washing with some soap and water.


– E-Book offered for download with style ideas.

– Grows with your child.

– Easy cleaning surfaces are ideal for play dates to encourage collaboration and teamwork.

– Encourages developmental and finding out abilities.


– The little parts make it a bad option for children who like to put things in their mouths.

What We Like About It.

A lot of being the finest’ is preparing your little one for the future. This kit assists them do that and the different shapes promote them a bit more than the typical Lego structure set.

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5. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper (Blue).


This is a good indoor/outdoor toy for 3 year old kids that will grow with your child because of its bungee. The entire pogo stick is made of strong, stretchy rubber and foam materials.

The Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids (Blue) is a great choice for kids who may not have the balance or coordination for a standard pogo stick, considering that it has a broad, flat base. It also makes a terrific present when your little one has older siblingsthe handle stretches and the stick is designed to support as much as 250 pounds. This indicates you don’t need to stress over the older kids breaking your three-year old’s new toy.


– Can be used indoors or outdoors.

– Created to support approximately 250 pounds.

– Constructed of resilient materials that will not break or wear down.

– User friendly, just step on the block, pull the deal with, and dive.


– Squeaking can end up being irritating after a while, more so for moms and dads than the kid.

What We Like About It.

Though this first’ pogo stick is developed to be the best height for your 3-year old, it can easily be used by other members of the family. If you can get past the squeaking, it is likewise a fantastic way for your child to expel energy during the cold winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Buying Toys and Gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys

Whether you are a new moms and dad who wants the very best for your kid or a knowledgeable parent trying to keep up with today’s world, discovering the right toys for your toddler can help them establish life-long abilities and practices. Here are some fast answers to some questions you may have as you try to find gift ideas for a 3-year old boy:

Do age suggestions for toys matter?

One three-year old might prefer toys for the 18-24 month range while another may prefer toys made for the typical 4-year old. Kids develop at various rates, s simply be sure that all toys are safe. Simply beware of pinching parts, sharp edges, and swallowable pieces in toys developed for older children.

How do I select a toy my kid will like?

Possibilities are, your kid has currently shown interests in things like painting, structure, vehicles, or something else. You can pick toys based upon their interest or encourage them to try new things. Picking toys that let your kid burn physical activity is beneficial too due to the fact that it promotes a healthy way of life. Something else to consider is what your child already has. Selecting range can assist your toddler learn more about the world around.

What are the very best learning toys?

At the crucial age of three, your kid is a sponge. The very best learning toys for 3 year olds are the ones that assist your child check out the world around them and discover important believing abilities along the way. By engaging your kid’s special interests, you can help them grow into their personality and advance naturally. Play time does not always have to be about learning. Being active, exploring creativity, and simply having a good time also have unbelievable advantages.


Ultimately, the important things that matters most as you pick unique presents for your young child is knowing your kid. Encourage them to explore their interests by selecting gifts that encourage learning more about the world around them. When they aren’t exploring, encourage active play. There is likewise absolutely nothing incorrect with a gift that is practical! Kids will be enjoyed unwrap almost anything! Likewise, don’t be afraid to choose a range of toys for your house; they will keep your little one interested and out of trouble.

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