Best Bike For 4 Year Old 2020

Your kid isn’t quite prepared for a complete two-wheel bike experience, however they’re done with balance bikes and tricycles. It’s time for a bike with training wheels. It can be tough to understand where to start due to the fact that your objective is to move beyond training wheels, however we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of our outright favorite bikes with training wheels. Plus, we’ve responded to a few concerns you may have about how to pick. Let’s go!

1. Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike

Our first bike is a fun orange one with training wheels and a moms and dad bar. The moms and dad bar assists stable and guide your child till she or he is ready to go alone. The last step would be getting rid of the training wheels.

Incredible Features:

The parent bar, the fully confined chain assists safeguard your child’s legs. Front and rear fenders secure the bike from dirt and gunk kicked up as your kid is composing.

The training wheels can take a beating and won’t bend on the very first curve. They offer your kid with excellent stability while they require it. A cage-mounted water bottle finishes the look.

Watch Out For:

Both the moms and dad bar and the chain guard tend to come part if you aren’t mindful, so use caution.

2. JOYSTAR Kids Bike with DIY Sticker for Enclose Chain Guard

Our 2nd bike is an enjoyable DIY alternative for kids with a sticker set so your kid can individualize it precisely.

Amazing Features:

The bike itself is tough, premium steel. It ought to stand up to even enthusiastic kids. The training wheels are steady and won’t bend the very first time your kid leans on the bike. A quick-release seat makes it simple for you to adjust the seat to your kid’s height to help with riding.

Brakes work by pedaling backwards. Even if your child isn’t rather coordinated enough to operate a hand brake, you won’t have to worry about how your child will stop. There are 4 reflectors to place on the handlebars and the seat post in addition to the front and rear spokes.

Look out for:

There’s no kick stand. Once the bike has no training wheels, it’s difficult for the bike to stand up.

3. RoyalBaby Honey and Buttons Kids Bike

The RoyalBaby has BMX functions and utilizes TIG bonded steel frame and fork. It includes whatever your child would need to do tricks when the training wheels come off.

Awesome Features:

It uses a truly simple, unisex style that needs to please your kid regardless. The braking lever remains in 2 pieces and ought to be easy for your kid to maneuver. Air filled tires and no-bend training wheels provide all kids a strong foundation for riding that feels like a real bike.

A one-piece foam saddle complies with your kid’s body and is more comfortable to ride. It adjusts rapidly with a quick release manage.

The bike and its colors are reflective for security. It’s likewise uncomplicated to put together with clear instructions.

Watch Out For:

The frame is quite heavy for more youthful kids. It might be excessive for your kid to handle if they aren’t very big themselves.

4. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike

Our next bike is a true BMX freestyle bike implied for kids. It comes 95% assembled and includes a bell and water bottle.

Amazing Features:

The quick release seat post changes height rapidly and easily. It has a sturdy steel frame with a one piece crank and a ball-bearing drive shaft. The chain guard safeguards your child’s legs, steel wheels with air-filled, rubber tires.

The front caliper brake and rear rollercoaster brake gives your child a couple of choices for stopping. THey can push back on the brake till they’re positive using the hand brake.

The training wheels have extra rubber to minimize sound and boost durability.

Watch Out For:

Like the other bike from this business, it weighs a fair bit. Provide your kid an opportunity to practice with the weight prior to you take it out somewhere tricky.

5. Royalbaby Space Shuttle Magnesium Kid’s Bike

Our last bike utilizes a mix of magnesium frame and steel fork for a light-weight yet long lasting style.

Remarkable Features:

The tires have magnesium rims and resilient treaded tires. A single speed system with one piece crankshaft and ball-bearing bottom bracket mimic adult bikes in a child version. It has both a hand brake and a rollercoaster brake system offer your kid 2 different options for finding out how to stop.

It has a one-piece foam saddle, and no-slip resin pedals help your child stay steady and safe. The training wheels are also magnesium and won’t bend at the very first curve. THe kickstand keeps whatever up when training wheels are off.

Look out for:

Like all bikes from this line, this one is a little heavy though the magnesium frame minimizes that weight a bit. Make certain you check the plan for all the pieces which you choose a size that particularly features training wheels (beware when selecting colors not to make a switch).

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a bike with training wheels may leave you with some questions. Let’s address them.

Are Training Wheels The Wrong Choice?

Absolutely not. Training wheels should have a bit of wobble to them so that the rear tire has plenty of traction. Your child finds out to rely on them less and less in time, ultimately gaining enough self-confidence to take them off.

Some kids begin with balance bikes, and this is a viable alternative. Both are exceptional options and both will help your kid practice vital gross motor abilities for a routine bike.

How Do I Choose A Bike?

Make certain the bike fits your kid’s height and has at least 2 inches to adjust up for when your kid grows. The training wheels ought to fit with simply a bit of wobble so that the back tire gets a lot of grip.

It’s also fantastic for the bike to have two different types of braking system, hand and rollercoaster so there’s a back up. Kids who don’t have the hand coordination for hand brakes can just push back on the pedals to come to a stop.

You must also think about the kinds of things your kid likes. If your child likes the bike itself, she or he is more likely to get on and practice instead of you having to require him or her to get out and do things. The decors definitely aren’t the most crucial, but they are required for inspiration.

The bike needs to be comfortable for your kid. Choose a comfortable seat that’s easily adjustable and make sure your child can put his or her feet down gently so that the balance is.

How Do I Adjust The Wheels?

You can raise or decrease the wheels by tightening the nut. Some can even be bent a little to move far from the ground. Start with the training wheels really low to the ground and gradually move them up as your kid gets better at balance and coordination.

How Do I Switch Away From Training Wheels?

You’ll typically know when your child has enough confidence to get rid of the wheels. You can gradually flex the training wheels back even more and further until they have to count on their balance for it to work.

Another choice is to have them ride bikes with other kids who don’t have training wheels. Children are famous for being influenced by others so that might motivate them to work on their balance.

If your child is having a lot of fun riding with training wheels and appears truly unwilling to move them, that’s ok. Just adjust them so the child has to utilize balance and then let them have fun. If you push your child before he or she is ready, it might destroy the love of riding entirely. It’s best to follow your child’s lead for the most part.

How Do I Care For The Bike?

Do not leave your bike exposed to the components because much of your bike’s degeneration can originate from direct exposure alone. Chains ought to be protected to prevent rust and keep the pedals running efficiently by inspecting for dirt and other particles.

Examine the overall integrity of the bike to make certain everything seems safe and in working order before and after your child rides. Bikes are meant to be long lasting, however often even the most long lasting bike can pave the way under enthusiastic riding. The handle bars ought to never be loose and the seat should remain in simply the ideal position each time.


Training wheels and balance bikes are two different techniques to ensuring your kid gets the ideal kin of practice before riding a genuine bike. They can give your child a lot of confidence and enable them to practice important gross motor skills like balance and hand coordination. If your child is itching to get out there however just does not rather have the right abilities, it won’t be long prior to she or he is riding all on their own without training wheels at all.

The bike you select ought to be able to grow with your kid’s body and his or her abilities. As long as you find something with a range of changes, investing in a bike for your child, even with training wheels, is an incredible addition to childhood.

How did you find out to ride a bike? Was it with training wheels, a balance bike, or someone simply giving you one excellent push? Let us know in the remarks below!

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