3 Year Old Speech Checklist

Discovering the 3 year old speech list is very important. You need to understand if your child is fulfilling or exceeding in their speech development. This will ensure that your young child is on track and if they are not you can step up your speech advancement work.

Always remember that there is a large range of what regular is and if your kid is slightly behind in one area it isn’t much cause for issue.

Many young children develop at different stages and if in doubt look for a speech-language pathologist

3 Year Old Speech Checklist

Remember this is a nationwide average and might not apply exclusively to every child. Do not stress if it can appear a bit overwhelming, simply try and read between the lines and compare on a broad spectrum.

3 Year Old Vocabulary Word List

Social words

please, thank you, hello, bye, sorry, yes, no, all right

Action Words

push, stop, – walk, cry, see, sit, drink, like, fall, hurt, all go, look, all slide, throw, consume, open, play, broke, swing, night, day pull, climb up, gone, fix, kiss, dance, done, wash, watch, aid, hug, dive, catch, close, run, blow,

Location Words

up, down, off, on, in, out,

Descriptive Words

peaceful, silly, tidy, cold, damp, slow, disgusting, little, scary, fast, yucky, loud, gentle, soft, filthy, amusing, big, hot, colours– red, yellow, brown, orange, purple, black, white, green, pink, blue,


Me, my, I, you, mine


yellow, flower, green, t-shirt, choo– choo, pants, spoon, tree, aircraft, blanket, light, bed, (red, hat, car, cream, diaper, rain, cookie, book, train, chair, black, chip, shoe, bubbles, white, pink, child, purple, brush, star, banana, apple, cheese, brown) ball, bath, truck, sock, cereal blue, boat, orange, bowl, table, home, towel, ice bike, cracker,

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Sound Development

At 3 years old, your toddler:

Must be properly utilizing all the vowels (a, e, I, o, u) and some constants p, m, h, n, w.

Should not be erasing syllables from multi-syllabic words. For example continuously saying the word “brella”, instead of “umbrella.

Must not be removing the noises from the end of some words. For example “pi” for “pig”.

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In addition, you’re your toddler must be understood by an adult that is not connected to them around 75% of the time.

To put that in context, 3 out of every 4 words must be clear and reasonable to a complete stranger.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Grammar Development.

At 3 years of ages, your young child:.

Must be using pronouns. For example “1, me, mine, you, yours, he, we”.

Should be using pronouns at the end of words. For instance, uses “ing” at the end of some verbs. Like “skipping”, “playing”.

Ought to be using grammatical markers. Plural. “s” ‘Shoe( s)”.

Must be using words in the past tense. “ed”– “hoped”.

Must be producing sentences with approximately 3 words in length.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Social Development.

At 3 years of ages, your toddler:.

Need to have the ability to watch other children play and take part.

Ask for consent for ownerships and activities.

Start to pretend play,.

Protects their own valuables and belongings.

Can inform age by holding up their fingers.

Can suggest that a toy is missing and enter look for it.

Can copy adults and older individuals.

Reveals affection for people without being triggered to.

Is issue when someone they know is crying.

Shows a variety of emotion, consisting of pleasure, disappointment and excitement.

Does not get mum and dad mixed up.

Can remove and returned on standard clothing.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Language And Communication.

At 3 years old, your young child can:.

Follow standard directions. Please pass the cream.

State their first name, gender and how old they are.

Recognises and name a friend.

Can talk with a minimum of 2 to 3 sentences.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Literacy Development.

At 3 years of ages, your toddler:.

Listen and take part in books for longer durations.

Can hold a book correctly, the right way up.

Can acknowledge logo’s, like cinema, play house or walmart.

Revealing phonological and pre-reading awareness.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Concept Development.

At 3 years of ages, your toddler:.

Understands the difference between “in” and “under”.

Can point to when asked 2 different ideas.

Comprehends the distinction in size between items. “little” and “big”.

Comprehends, “off”, “on”, “under”, “over” “together” “apart”.

Beginning to understand the idea of “soon”, “wait” “later on”.

Can pick three things that are the same out of a selection of 4.

Can begin to say adjectives for size and colour.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Cognitive Development.

At 3 years old, your toddler:.

Can have fun with toys that have moving parts.

Can have fun with dolls and animals in make-belief.

Can assemble puzzles with 3 or more pieces.

Copies a circle with a crayon.

Turns a book with individual pages.

Can construct towers with 6 blocks or more.

Can open and close standard jars and containers.

3 Year Old Speech Checklist: Asking & Listening Development.

At 3 years of ages, your young child:.

Be able to ask easy questions that they want. I.e where is a cookie?

Be able to ask, “where”, “what”, “when”.

Can react to body part concerns, for instance, reveal me your eyes?

The Number Of Words Does A 3 Year Old Know.

Numerous moms and dads ask How Many Words Does A 3-year-old Know?

Typically a typical 3 years old need to have the ability to state around 250– 500 words.

This may sound like a lot, many of these words are fundamental. I, me, the, in, out, up, down, mum, papa, their name and so on

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3 Year Old Development Problems.

If your 3 years of age is revealing any indications of these listed below contact a doctor:.

Has difficulty fluctuating stairs often falling.

Has very unclear speech.

Is not able to work simple plug play toys.

Can’t speak in sentences.

Can’t understand easy directions.

Doesn’t play make-belief.

Don’t utilize eye contact at all.

Do not hear you when you call their name in the very same space.

Extreme stuttering.

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