What We’re Bingeing on Now #NewYearNewView

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Wow! We’re already almost a month into 2016 and this is my first blog. Shame on me! I have been busy, OK? After a relaxing Christmas, early January saw us all return to our regularly scheduled programming of work, school, dance, hockey, drama, voice lessons, barking at everything that goes by (that one is Wacko’s […]

Wino Wednesday v2 – What’s is MOMMY Whining About Now?


I’m back! It’s Wednesday so that means it’s a great excuse to drink wine during the week! Last time, I told you how I don’t have a wine rack because it’s like the wine rack taunts me all the time. That’s still true. No wine rack. So, I picked up this bottle today. Sticking with […]

Wino Wednesday v1 – What’s in MOMMY’S Sippy Cup?


Hello winos! Happy Wednesday. I thought today would be a good day to share wine love. What’s in my wine rack this week? HAHAHAHA. As IF I have a wine rack! Well, I do… but it’s usually empty. I can’t seem to keep wine in the house because… wine! Anyway… this week my fave wine […]

Don’t Be Like Wacko, Eat SubZero | #SubZeroDifference


Not unlike a new baby, when you take a puppy home you want to feed the little devil the best possible food that will help them grow and live long, happy lives. When we took little Wacko home it took a few months of trying to figure out what food she liked and what food […]

Girls Rule Hockey Too #WeAllPlay


When my second daughter was born, I knew my family was complete. I always wanted to have a daughter and I was blessed with two. I pictured frilly dresses and makeup, tea parties and dancing. I certainly have had my fair share of all that in the 12.5 years I have been a Mom. But […]

Family Photo Confession


 I have something to confess… we had family photos done a while back and I’m just getting around to doing something about displaying them now. And for the record, “a while back” is about four years. I am ashamed… a lot can happen in four years. When these photos were taken my youngest daughter was […]