Follow the Directions


I mean, how hard can it be? Chicken noodle soup in the slow cooker. Sounds easy, eh? I thought so too. Apparently I was wrong. Apparently I can’t even follow a recipe. In an effort to be healthier and eat more veggies, I thought it would be nice to make the family a lovely homemade […]

A Parent’s View on Toys that Suck


And no, I’m not talking about pretend vacuums. I’m talking about toys that make parents cringe. As something was growing in my living room tonight, I decided enough is enough and I started this list of kids toys that I hate*. I have been at this parenting gig for 12.5 years. So I fancy myself […]

Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce


Fall starts tomorrow. This time of year always makes me think of falling leaves, turkey and APPLES! Living near the Annapolis Valley, it’s a tradition to head there and stock up on lots and lots of apples for baking. So I thought I’d share with you a recipe that is a favourite in our family. […]

Mommyjuiced’s Top 10 Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now


I am a Netflix binge watcher, it’s true. That’s no surprise to you though, is it? I’ve admitted it before. So I thought I’d let you know what my picks are for my top 10 favourite shows on Netflix that you too can start bingeing on right now! In no particular order… Friday Night Lights […]

School Lunch Ideas (aka The Hunger Games)


Yay, it’s back to school time and I LOVE to make lunches (said no mother ever)! Well, except maybe for my friend Sarah, More Than Your Average Mom. Anywho, back to me. Lunches are a struggle. I’m not a pre-planner and our meals suffer because of that. I’m not proud but it’s the reality. So […]

Seven Reasons Back to School is Best


I love, somehow they always know how to express the sarcasm I’m feeling. We are t-minus two days to BACK TO SCHOOL! And I’m so looking forward to it for several reasons: 1. Despite what the above card says, I don’t get to do whatever I want at home all day. I’m a work-at-home […]

Wine Love – The Makings of Good Wine & A Good Story


It’s no shock to you that I love wine. I see it on Facebook that whenever there is a funny wine joke or pic going around, I’m usually the first one to get tagged in it. I don’t mind, at least my friends are thinking of me. That’s what happened when Colleen from Curtains are […]