Moving Back(wards)

see you soon green road sign

You know the saying, “All good things must come to an end?” Well that sort of describes this week for me. If you know me personally, you know that our family moved to Cape Breton Island five years ago. I grew up in Cape Breton. Half of my family is in Cape Breton. My heart [...]

This Dance Mom Loves Wendy’s Salads


Last weekend, my daughters were in a dance competition in Halifax, four hours away from home. It was time to turn into DANCE MOM for the weekend. That meant hours of prepping costumes, sewing and packing dance bags before we even started on the road trip. Being a Dance Mom isn’t all drama… there’s a [...]

Emergency Preparedness = #StormWine


It’s the winter that never ends… I am currently sitting in the middle of a freaking snowpocalypse. Check this out… does that swirly greeninsh thing concern you? It puts a little fear in my heart. I have to be honest! So here’s how I prepared for this weather bomb: Of course I bought wine. I [...]

My Hubby’s on a Mancation – The Final Day


Hubby’s mancation is over. His plane lands soon then he has a torturous four hour drive and he’ll be back in time to wake me out of my cozy slumber fighting the dog for bed real estate sometime in the early morning hours of tomorrow. I’ll reach for him and tell him how much I [...]

My Husband is on a Mancation – Day??? I Don’t Even Know

guilty dog

I’ve missed a few days, I know. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t keep up with it all. The last time I checked in was last Thursday… seems like a few Olympic gold medals ago. Oh wait, it was The short story? On Friday, a party broke out during a hockey game and I truly earned [...]

My Husband is on a Mancation – Day 2

winter background with white snowflakes

I haven’t yet decided which is colder… the temperature outside or my heart? It snowed. Again. Last night. But. To make matters worse… school was cancelled. I was cozy in my bed, dreaming that my boyfriend, Sidney Crosby, wanted to help me celebrate the gold medal he is going to win tomorrow when I heard [...]