Bloodline, Florida and my Love for Coach Taylor


I am currently recovering from a two-week family holiday in Florida. And do you know what’s on my mind? Netflix. No, I didn’t spend my holiday binge watching (that’s how I spend winter) but Netflix was definitely on my mind during our recent vacation. More specifically, the Rayburns were on my mind. The Rayburns are […]

Peanut Butter Snack Bites – McKee Kid Style


I admit, I don’t often cook or bake with my kids. They are messy creatures! But lately they have both become more interested in helping to prepare food. I’m secretly hoping that soon they will take over that chore from me but I won’t hold my breath!  So when I was challenged to come up with […]

Hash Brown Casserole – A Family Fave!


I admit it, most of my attempts at cooking become food fiascos. But I have one tried and true recipe that I can always count on to come out perfect so that I can take it to potlucks or serve it as a side dish for guests. Meet my version of Hash Brown Casserole. I’m […]

I Dare You Not to Yawn!

emu bird head

March Break was a bust. SNOW, snow and more snow messed with our travel plans and hockey tournament. I really feel like we were all shafted. But the weather did give up lots of time to plan next month’s trip to Florida and watch our fave shows on Netflix. I finished up season 3 of […]

March Madness – 2015 Version

snowman for winter christmas

Another day, another snow storm. Why do I live in Eastern Canada? Honestly, I’m questioning why we live in a climate where the air hurts your face for almost six months of the year. On top of that, it’s March Break. For us that means hockey and a trip to Cape Breton. Only, hockey is […]

Serving Up Some #Netflix on this Storm Day


Ah, a snow day. The kids have been waiting all winter for a day off of school because of weather. Today, they are rejoicing. School is canceled. And I am jealous. As a work from home mom, I don’t get snow days. I only get two kids home with me looking for something to do […]

My Kid Saved my Blog and a Dirty Picture


Wait, what? It’s January? How did that happen? Last time I posted here was in December? Oh my… I’m sorry. But, um, like, you know… I was busy. There was this thing called Christmas, you might be familiar with it. Then New Years and January 1st spent recovering from the night before. Then there was […]