Wine Love – The Makings of Good Wine & A Good Story


It’s no shock to you that I love wine. I see it on Facebook that whenever there is a funny wine joke or pic going around, I’m usually the first one to get tagged in it. I don’t mind, at least my friends are thinking of me. That’s what happened when Colleen from Curtains are […]

More Peanut Butter Snack Bites

Chocolate Chip Bites

So it seems my effort in the kitchen to make these yummy Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites inspired my kids to make their own versions of the snack bites. Mind you, they weren’t nearly as healthy as mine. They put in a good effort and even cleaned up most of their mess. Theirs involved a […]

Tweens! Tweens! Tweens!


I have two tweens. Tweens are kids who are not quite teens but like to act them. I can tell you that most days, it’s really hard to impress tweens. Today, I was able to impress my two. It was an event (literally)! We went to see Tween Stars Live in Halifax and had a […]

Tween Stars Live is coming to Canada (including #Halifax) #TweenStarsLive


A Non-Stop, Fun, Family, Star-Studded Variety Show and Concert Featuring the Biggest Stars on Disney & Nickelodeon LIVE! This highly interactive, ‘Up Close and Personal’, family variety show features Improvisation, Comedy, Tween Star Musical Performances, Games, Totally Tween Trivia, and an always unpredictable, in-audience, Q & A Session with The Stars! There are prizes, surprises, […]

Bloodline, Florida and my Love for Coach Taylor


I am currently recovering from a two-week family holiday in Florida. And do you know what’s on my mind? Netflix. No, I didn’t spend my holiday binge watching (that’s how I spend winter) but Netflix was definitely on my mind during our recent vacation. More specifically, the Rayburns were on my mind. The Rayburns are […]

Peanut Butter Snack Bites – McKee Kid Style


I admit, I don’t often cook or bake with my kids. They are messy creatures! But lately they have both become more interested in helping to prepare food. I’m secretly hoping that soon they will take over that chore from me but I won’t hold my breath!  So when I was challenged to come up with […]

Hash Brown Casserole – A Family Fave!


I admit it, most of my attempts at cooking become food fiascos. But I have one tried and true recipe that I can always count on to come out perfect so that I can take it to potlucks or serve it as a side dish for guests. Meet my version of Hash Brown Casserole. I’m […]